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Getting links from top publications is hard! That’s why we’ve developed our Digital PR Magnet + Outreach process. Our approach creates content that journalists love and includes an outreach process to get it in front of them.

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Our Digital PR Process

Resolve develops effective Digital PR campaigns for our clients using a two step process. The first step is creating content that is worthy of press, the next step is getting your content in front of those journalists through organic outreach. Here’s an in-depth breakdown of each step. 

Digital PR Magnet Piece:

The secret sauce to getting great links from digital pr is having something that’s actually worth writing about on your website! That’s why we create Digital PR Magnet’s to help make sure our clients are providing valuable information that appeals to journalists and their audiences. Here’s what to expect out of our Digital PR Magnets:

– A Long-Form Piece of Content (2,000+ words)

– Written about a trending topic

– Using publicly sourced data to create a hook journalists will love

– Custom Graphics & Imagery

– Internally linked to core pages on your site


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Digital PR Outreach:

If a tree falls in the woods and noone hears it… did it make a sound? It’s the same with your content, if no one promotes it then no one will hear about it. So we conduct a mass outreach campaign to promote your content to the most relevant journalists who will likely find value in and write about it. Here’s what to expect:

– We will send custom outreach to relevant journalists who write in that beat

– Send 2-3 emails to each one

– We will pitch the value of the information provided and why it’s helpful or entertaining for their audience.

– Each magnet and outreach round is expected to generate 10+ backlinks. 

How Does Digital PR Help SEO?

When it comes to earning links, Digital PR is one of the only tactics Google has gone on record being OK with. John Mueller of Google recently said

I love some of the things I see from digital pr… It’s just as critical as tech SEO, probably more so in many cases.” 

Digital PR stands out from among the pack of Link Building strategies because it is entirely editorial and based on the value/quality of your content. Links have been at the core of Google’s algorithm from the very beginning. Digital PR allows you to boost your authority signals and do it a safer, more organic way. 

What You Can Expect


Preliminary Research:

Our process starts by doing discovery and in-depth research to make sure we understand what your goals are.


We then ideate what topics are currently trending that are relevant to your industry, audience, or company. We then come up with a topic that aligns with what our research says provides the best opportunity for success.



We create your piece, checking in with you each step of the way to ensure our content and design work aligns with your brand standards.


Publication + Promotion:

Once you’ve published our piece we’ll start outreach and promote the piece to the most relevant publications and journalists.



We’ll provide you with regular updates on our progress including links earned and any ranking improvements for keywords/pages that we set as targets.


Stop dreaming of Earning Links from the Best publications in the world and let’s make it happen!


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