4 Digital PR Tactics That Will Supercharge Your SEO Efforts

By: Danika Olsen

Businesses and brands are continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance their online presence and find new ways to stand out from the pack in search engine result pages. Digital PR has emerged as a strategic approach that has become a game-changer in the realm of SEO. In fact, when done well, digital PR can supercharge your SEO efforts, helping to elevate your brand visibility, drive organic traffic, and build a robust online reputation.

Digital PR goes beyond traditional public relations techniques by harnessing the vast potential of the digital realm to amplify brand messaging, engage audiences, and secure valuable authoritative backlinks. 

Whether you’re a small startup, an established enterprise, or an aspiring influencer, understanding how digital PR synergizes with SEO will be your gateway to standing out in an overcrowded online landscape. So, let’s dive in and unravel the strategies that will take your digital marketing efforts to new heights, empowering your brand to become an authoritative force in your industry and capturing the attention of your target audience and search engines like never before.

What is Digital PR?

In short, digital PR is a strategic approach to managing a brand’s online presence and reputation through various digital channels. The primary goal of digital PR is to enhance brand visibility, build brand authority, and drive organic traffic to a company’s website. By utilizing online media outlets, social media platforms, influencer partnerships, and content marketing, digital PR helps businesses establish a positive online image, reach a broader audience, generate earned media coverage, and obtain backlinks from authoritative websites. 

Integrating Digital PR Into Your SEO Strategy

The relationship between Digital PR and SEO is symbiotic, meaning that both strategies have a mutually beneficial association that amplifies the impact of the other. When integrated effectively, Digital PR and SEO work together to enhance a brand’s online visibility, authority, and credibility.

Backlinks and Domain Authority

Digital PR efforts, such as press releases, creative campaigns, and newsjacking, can earn valuable backlinks from reputable websites. These earned backlinks are essential for SEO as search engines view them as votes of confidence, signaling the website’s credibility and authority. Quality backlinks from digital PR activities can Vsignificantly boost a website’s Domain Authority, positively impacting its search engine rankings.

One added bonus of utilizing digital PR as a link building tactic is that it’s difficult to replicate. If, for example, a competitor is meticulously inspecting your backlink portfolio to farm backlink opportunities, these pieces are nearly impossible to build without significant effort on their part.

Content Promotion and Visibility

Digital PR initiatives help promote valuable content, ensuring it reaches a broader audience through media coverage and social media shares. Increased exposure leads to more people discovering and engaging with the content, which, in turn, sends positive signals to search engines about the content’s relevance and quality. This heightened engagement can improve the content’s visibility in search results.


Brand Awareness and Organic Traffic

Digital PR campaigns contribute to increased brand visibility and awareness through media mentions and press coverage. As brand recognition grows, more people are likely to search for the brand or related keywords, driving organic traffic to the website. Search engines consider branded searches as a positive ranking factor.

Keyword Research and Content Creation

SEO keyword research can inform digital PR efforts by identifying relevant topics and trends to target in PR campaigns. Conversely, the insights gained from digital PR can shape content creation and on-page SEO strategies, ensuring that content aligns with current industry interests and customer preferences.

Social Media Signals

Engaging in digital PR often generates social media shares and interactions. These social signals indicate content relevance and popularity, which can indirectly influence search engine rankings.

Reputation Management 

Digital PR plays a crucial role in managing a brand’s online reputation. Positive media coverage and earned media can counteract negative search results, improving the overall perception of the brand in search engine results.

Effective Digital PR Tactics You Need To Utilize

In the realm of digital PR, various effective strategies have emerged. Each of these strategies caters to distinct aspects of online brand management and engagement. Understanding the different types of digital PR and how you can utilize them is essential for crafting a comprehensive and impactful campaign.

Reactive PR 

Also known as earned media, reactive PR typically involves journalists seeking input from subject matter experts to serve as authoritative sources for their articles. In this method, journalists post queries requesting comments, insights, or expertise from subject matter experts related to an article they are researching. Subject matter experts, possessing relevant knowledge and credibility, respond to these queries, providing valuable information that journalists incorporate into their articles to strengthen the content’s credibility and reliability. 

In utilizing this approach, you can position yourself as an authority in your industry. At the same time, journalists can enhance the quality and authenticity of their articles by leveraging your expertise.

This PR tactic can work incredibly well, no matter the size of your business, and it also builds your credibility as a subject matter expert. This can also positively affect your site’s E-E-A-T, especially if you have an about me page with a carefully curated bio and links to past work.

Various platforms and techniques exist for implementing reactive PR. To get started, simply visit the relevant websites and register as a source. Once registered, queries related to your expertise will be directly delivered to your inbox. 

  • HARO: HARO is an acronym for “Help a Reporter Out.” HARO is a free service widely used by journalists and reporters to find reliable and credible sources for their articles, and it provides a valuable opportunity for individuals and businesses to gain media coverage and exposure.
  • ProfNet: ProfNet, owned by PR Newswire, is a platform that connects journalists and media professionals with expert sources. It allows journalists to submit queries and receive responses from experts who can provide valuable insights for their stories.
  • SourceBottle: SourceBottle is a service that connects journalists, bloggers, and influencers with potential sources for their articles, features, and stories. Sources can receive relevant queries directly to their inbox and respond to opportunities that match their expertise.
  • Qwoted: Qwoted is a platform that enables journalists to find subject matter experts and sources for their stories. It offers a streamlined process for journalists to request expert input, and experts can use the platform to showcase their knowledge and connect with media opportunities.
  • Muck Rack: Muck Rack is a media database and PR software that provides journalist contact information, media monitoring, and media outreach tools. It allows you to find and connect with journalists and influencers in your niche for a small fee. 

Utilizing these tools is a springboard for you to receive relevant inquiries from journalists seeking expert insights, enabling you to seize opportunities for media coverage and backlink acquisition effortlessly. By strategically choosing platforms aligned with your target audience and industry, you can maximize the impact of your reactive PR efforts and position yourself as a trusted authority in your field.

PR Magnets and Creative Campaigns

Journalists rely on facts, figures, and expertise to do their job well. Is there a way to reverse-engineer the reactive PR process in order to earn high-quality backlinks? You betcha. Through careful planning, research, and a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to leverage data and analytics to create compelling content that journalists actually want to write about.

PR Magnets and creative digital PR campaigns are data-driven pieces of content that identify trends, consumer preferences, and industry insights about your area of expertise or niche.

These data-driven campaigns can significantly impact search engine rankings in terms of SEO. Content backed by data tends to be more authoritative and trustworthy, making it more likely to earn high-quality backlinks from other reputable websites, which helps boost your overall credibility.

For example, if you run an e-commerce website that sells used college textbooks, you might look to publish a piece entitled “The Top 10 States Offering an Affordable College Experience.” From there, you would look at relevant data, including trends in college pricing and student aid, the average cost of room and board, the average cost of textbooks and supplies, and other costs that help contribute to the total cost of tuition.

After you’ve written your piece, you can utilize various outreach tools to contact journalists by state, by beat, or by publication and highlight your research findings. The goal is to pique the interest of media professionals and entice them to cover the story due to its relevance and data-backed insights.

If statistics, heavy research, and complex methodology aren’t in your wheelhouse, don’t worry! Creative types can also harness the power of the PR magnet.

We recently created a campaign for a national interactive aquarium chain about the most Googled monsters in the United States. Utilizing search trends, we were able to put together a piece of content that picked up 28 high-authority do-follow backlinks in a period of about two weeks.

PR Magnet feature on NBC New York

Whether you choose the creative or statistical route, remember that tactics like this require dedicated research, time, effort, and follow-up, and results aren’t guaranteed. However, when done well, the results of PR magnets are more than worth the effort.

Press Releases

The role of press releases in modern digital PR remains significant, even in the age of social media. Press releases serve as a crucial tool to disseminate information and news about a brand, product, service, or event directly to journalists, bloggers, and media outlets. In the context of digital PR, press releases play several essential roles, including:

  • Brand Visibility: Press releases help increase brand visibility by reaching a broader audience through media outlets and online distribution networks. Press releases can also appear in search engine results when well-optimized for relevant keywords, further enhancing online visibility.
  • Reputation Management: A well-crafted press release can provide a controlled and official statement on behalf of the brand. This helps manage the brand’s reputation during critical situations, product launches, or major announcements.
  • Building Credibility: When authoritative media outlets pick up and publish a press release, it adds credibility and validates the brand’s message or news. This, in turn, enhances the brand’s reputation and fosters trust among its target audience.
  • SEO Benefits: Press releases can generate valuable backlinks to the brand’s website when distributed through online channels. These backlinks improve search engine rankings, driving organic traffic and boosting the website’s overall SEO performance.
  • Media Coverage: A compelling press release can attract the attention of journalists and bloggers, leading to potential media coverage.
  • Lead Generation: Press releases highlighting new products or services can generate interest from potential customers, leading to increased leads and conversions.
  • Social Media and Content Marketing: Press releases can serve as valuable content for a brand’s social media channels and content marketing efforts, extending their reach and impact.

In the digital era, press releases are often distributed through online newswires and PR distribution services, making them accessible to a global audience. Integrating press releases into a comprehensive digital PR strategy ensures that brands can effectively communicate their message, garner media coverage, and bolster their online presence.


Newsjacking is a digital PR tactic where brands and marketers capitalize on current events, trending topics, or breaking news to insert their own content, products, or services into the ongoing conversation. The goal of newsjacking is to gain immediate visibility and attention by aligning your brand with a popular or widely discussed topic.

To execute newsjacking successfully, you need to create relevant, timely content that adds value to the existing discussion. This content can take many forms, including blog posts, social media updates, videos, infographics, or press releases that connect the brand’s expertise or products/services to the current news or trend.

Newsjacking can meaningfully contribute to your SEO strategy in several ways:

  • Quick Visibility: By piggybacking on trending topics, your content can gain instant visibility as people actively search for information related to the news or event.
  • Link Building: If your newsjacking content is relevant and valuable, it has the potential to attract backlinks from other websites, boosting your domain authority and search engine rankings.
  • Brand Authority: Newsjacking allows your brand to demonstrate its expertise on a topic related to your industry, establishing your authority and credibility.
  • Social Shares and Engagement: Timely and relevant newsjacking content can generate a lot of social media shares, likes, and comments, increasing your brand’s social signals and potentially driving traffic to your website.
  • Increased Traffic: Newsjacking can result in a spike in website traffic if your content catches the attention of a broad audience searching for news related to the event.
  • Better User Experience: Providing timely and relevant content enhances the user experience on your website, potentially increasing dwell time and reducing bounce rates, which are positive signals for SEO.

However, it’s essential to approach newsjacking with caution. It should be done tastefully, avoiding insensitive or exploitative content related to tragic or sensitive events. Also, remember that newsjacking is time-sensitive, and you need to act quickly to stay relevant. Monitoring news and trends in real time is crucial for successful newsjacking.

When done thoughtfully and strategically, newsjacking can be an excellent addition to your SEO toolbelt, helping your brand gain exposure, build authority, and attract valuable backlinks.

The symbiotic relationship between digital PR and SEO presents a powerful opportunity for brands and businesses to elevate their online presence and thrive in the digital landscape. By integrating these strategies, your business can generate an impressive backlink portfolio, boost your domain authority, drive organic traffic, and increase brand recognition and leads. 

As the digital landscape evolves and becomes more competitive, embracing the complementary nature of these two strategies can become increasingly beneficial in helping you position yourself as an industry leader, building strong relationships with your customers, and achieving long-term marketing success.

Whether you’re looking to boost your online visibility through custom link building, drive organic traffic, or elevate your brand’s authority in your niche, we have the expertise and strategies to make it happen. If you’re ready to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level, contact us using the form below.  

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