TikTok 101: How TikTok Can Grow Your Business

By: Kristy Lussier

It was a sudden and unexpected rise in the social media landscape, but the power of TikTok cannot be underestimated. What started as a platform for younger generational entertainment, the TikTok app now has a powerful and profound impact on society and culture in the modern world. Companies and business owners everywhere are looking to get in on the action, seeking ways to grow their brand, and profits, through TikTok marketing.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is the biggest and best new social media trend. With more than 2.6 billion downloads and 1 billion active monthly users, TikTok is now more popular than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, making it the biggest and best new social media platform around. TikTok generally provides content providers the ability to create 15, 30, and 60-second videos, with in-app editing and integration with other major social media networks. TikTok has quickly evolved from a simple video creation platform to an advertising and marketing juggernaut. While there are a number of avenues and options to explore when it comes to utilizing TikTok as a means of brand marketing, this article will give you the basic run down and some tips and tricks on how to best maximize the use of TikTok to promote your business and grow a social media audience.

What is TikTok Marketing?

TikTok marketing is simply the practice and use of TikTok to promote a brand, product, or service. There are a variety of methods to take when first getting started with a TikTok marketing strategy, but here are just a few key items to keep in mind when starting the journey on the TikTok platform. 

TikTok Marketing Helps Businesses:

Increase Brand Awareness:

TikTok offers multiple ways to spread the word about your brand, whether it’s through viral, organic content, or TikTok ads. Establishing your brand voice and image via social media is a key step in growing your business and building on your marketing efforts.

Develop New Concepts and Ideas for Brand Imaging:

Influencers can become a spokesperson for your product. You can maximize features such as hashtags and branded stickers. Or create entertaining and unique content that has a high potential to go viral.

Build Engaged Communities and Followers:

TikTok has millions of users from over 100 countries worldwide. It’s one of the best platforms to reach an international audience.

Sell Products and Services:

Surprisingly, TikTok marketing doesn’t feel like traditional marketing. There are ways to promote your products with ease such as by partnering with influencers and creating genuinely helpful and insightful video content.

Open a Dialogue with Customers and Audiences:

TikTok is all about creating authentic, engaging content that feels personal. You can build strong relationships with your audience and increase the chances of them turning into customers.

How to Develop a TikTok Marketing Strategy

Developing and outlining a TikTok marketing strategy should consider and can include some of these approaches:

TikTok Ads

Organic Viral Content Planning

Influencer Marketing

TikTok Advertising

Much like Facebook Ads, the best route to take when considering TikTok ad strategy is to set up a TikTok Business account and utilize the ads manager. It’s a centralized platform for advertisers on TikTok and it helps guides businesses and marketers through the whole process of creating ads, setting budgets, targeting the right audience, and analyzing data results.

The goal is to help online brands develop and promote their creative side. The ads manager platform helps design ads that will drive viewership and build engagement, thus increasing brand awareness.


Creating Your Own Viral TikToks

This option gives you the most freedom and control over the creative elements of your content. It’s pretty simple, just create a Business TikTok account for your company and start making your own organic content. You can really post just about anything this way. Some businesses like to showcase their products with photography and day-to-day video content. Some brands are great at keeping up with trends on the platform and jumping on the bandwagon – even if it includes things like dance challenges or popular songs that week. It’s best to really study as much as you can, and spend some time scrolling through the content for inspiration.


TikTok Influencer Marketing

TikTok influencer marketing is a significant part of the app’s ecosystem. Big influencers and stars can make a huge impact on the success of a business. Consider researching users and influencers who may align with your brand voice or who would typically utilize a product or service your may offer. Some companies have even tried to connect with “rising stars” on TikTok to establish a partnership. Cross-promotion offers and code sharing are also good strategies to implement when trying the influencer marketing route. 


Getting Started in TikTok Marketing

Before you jump headfirst into making a bunch of dance videos or buying up ad spots, consider a few key questions and take some time to outline and evaluate your ideas. Here’s a basic checklist to reference as you begin a new journey into the TikTok Marketing realm. 

Define Your Target Audience

Is TikTok the right platform for your business?

Perform a Competitive Audit

Where does your company line up with the competition on TikTok?

Set Goals that Align with Your Business Objectives

Are the goals obtainable via the TikTok platform?

Schedule and Post Regularly

Do you have the time to make this a daily practice or help to launch this endeavor?

Track Your Results

Are these results what you were expecting or far off from your goals?

TikTok is here to stay and is only continuing to grow. If you are considering using TikTok for your business, you’re on the right track, as TikTok can significantly help build brand awareness, grow revenue streams, and create engagement with customers worldwide. TikTok is a relatively new platform for marketing, so it’s likely that you’ll come across some issues or questions in the process. The team here at Resolve Marketing is here! Let us help you with your TikTok research. Reach out to us today, we’d love to discuss how you can grow your business online! We’ll walk you through how to develop a marketing plan that drives results for your company!

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